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Adhesives and Sealants are often made up of similar materials and they are sometimes used in similar applications. These materials have comparable processing requirements and failure mechanisms, and the fundamentals of how they work are similar. However different specifications and test methods apply to adhesives and sealants, and they are often designed to perform different functions.

An adhesive is a substance capable of holding at least two surfaces together in a strong and permanent manner. Adhesives are chosen for their holding and bonding power. They are generally materials having high shear and tensile strength.

Structural adhesive is a term generally used to define an adhesive whose strength is critical to the success of the assembly. This term is usually reserved to describe adhesives with high shear strength (in excess of 1,000 psi) and good environmental resistance. Structural adhesives are expected to last the life of the product to which they are applied.

Non-Structural adhesives are adhesives with much lower strength and permeance. They are generally used for temporary fastening or to bond weak substrates.

MorSun have range of both Structural and Non-structural adhesives based on epoxy, urethanes, thermosetting acrylics and synthetic rubber.

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  Adhesives with MorSun: (from Dhaval Synthetics)
MORTO JOINT Polyurethane Cable Jointing Compound
MORTO Seal Epoxy Putty


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