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Marine and Protective Coatings

Corrosion Protection by Coatings :

Corrosion is defined as the process of wearing away a substance by chemical action. Most commonly, the term is applied to the destructive attack on metal by a chemical reaction with its environment.

Economic losses resulting from corrosion of metals have been said to amount to billions of dollars per year and to the order of magnitude of 2 to 3% of the gross national product. The major losses are with steel and the use of organic coatings is one of the most important approaches for minimizing the enormous waste.

Adhesion of coating to the steel in presence of water is an important factor which distinguishes MorSun's high performance coatings from its competition. MorSun's high performance marine and protective coatings provide superior wet adhesion ' as well as low water and oxygen permeability. This is achieved through careful control in manufacturing required polymer, while utilizing years of able experience in formulating the respective coating.

It has been proved over number of years that MorSun provides more protection to various steel structures. 

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Specialty Coatings with MorSun:

Sun Skid NMRL Non-Skid Paint - NS 1437

LPOXY Coaltar Anticorrosive Coating - PS 551

LPOXY High Build Self Priming Finish Coat - PS 601

MORSUN High Performance Protective Enamel - PS 621

LPOXY High Solids Surface Tolerant Primer - PS 701

LPOXY High Solids Self Priming Coating - PS 901

MORSUN Firetard Coating - FT 401

MORSUN marine antifouling coating
MORSUN Chlorinated Rubber anti fouling coating


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