Our Products

   Manufacture and supply of High Performance Industrial and Marine Paints.

   Below is a list of our products classified under respective types:

Specialty Coatings:

Sun Skid NMRL Non-Skid Paint - NS 1437

LPOXY Coaltar Anticorrosive Coating - PS 551

LPOXY High Build Self Priming Finish Coat - PS 601

MORSUN High Performance Protective Enamel - PS 621

LPOXY High Solids Surface Tolerant Primer - PS 701

LPOXY High Solids Self Priming Coating - PS 901

MORSUN Firetard Coating - FT 401

MORSUN marine antifouling coating
MORSUN Chlorinated Rubber anti fouling coating
Alkyd based primers and finish paints
Modified Bituminous Paints
Chlorinated Rubber based primers and finish paints
Epoxy based primers and finish paints
Thinners for various primers and paints 
Sealants: (from Dhaval Synthetics)


  Adhesives: (from Dhaval Synthetics)
MORTO JOINT Polyurethane Cable Jointing Compound
MORTO Seal Epoxy Putty