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One of the principle factors in the success of sealant is adhesion. Factors like Stress, Chemicals, temperature, biological agents and working properties can determine performance of a joint immediately after bonding or sealing and also throughout its practical service life. Almost all sealant systems will undergo some change during their life. These changes could have a profound effect on the strength and performance of the joint.

Design of a successful sealant requires consideration of fundamental concepts from a number of scientific disciplines. The primary sciences of physics, mechanics, and chemistry will overlap in certain areas to form the disciplines of surface science, polymeric materials and joint design that are important to science of adhesion.
There are then further segments of these sciences such as polymer rheology and fracture mechanics, which are highly relevant. Each of these specialized disciplines have contributed significantly to the science of adhesion and its resulting stature in sealants.

MorSun has years of expertise in "science of adhesion" which has resulted in various sealants for construction and industrial/oem markets.

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